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Hitachi Industry Control Solutions,

Advanced technology

A product of cutting-edge technology

We strive to think outside the box to improve and enhance inspection algorisms, optical systems, and conveyance to exceed the standards of our customers.
Our sales representatives and development team communicate constantly to create and develop newer improved solutions when dealing with our customers' needs and challenges.

Hitachi's inspection technology

High Resolution area sensor

The HR series uses a compact camera equipped with a high resolution, super sensitive CCD sensor designed for pharmaceuticals.
Its high level signal detection enables the machine to detect particles without being affected by the movement of the solution.
It detects even the smallest movement of particles which is useful for small-volume products or products whose formulations are high viscosity.
Our camera and image processing units that were developed in-house have and will continue to evolve.

The three strengths of Hitachi

Area sensors

Use of the area sensor method to achieve a wide field of detection. This method enables the steady inspection of particles since it is able to detect even the smallest movements.

Compact high-
resolution camera

Equipped with a high-resolution camera with a high s/n ratio designed especially for pharmaceuticals to achieve high-definition, minimal-noise inspection.

Image processing

We achieve processing performance that is 10 to 50 times what the average image processing engine is capable of, by using an image processing engine that was developed in-house.

Ultra-precision Direct Spin Motor

High precision spin control is achieved through the constant monitoring of position control and motor control using a pulse motor. Our spin motor is able to control rotation speed, and it can control forward and reverse spin patterns depending on the product or particles properties.
In addition, our direct spin motor allows us to eliminate the use of components that wear out over time such as spin belts, thus realizing the ability to spin semi-permanently.

Adept at the inspecting of these solutions and particles

Containers with smaller volumes
Narrow containers
Visous solutions
Heavy particles such as metals

Dual optical system

Using a combination of transmission system and reflection system, the HR series realizes accurate detection of both white fiber particles and black metal particles, all through a single camera.
We have also adopted an exclusively designed short flashing strobe light source and fully control the timing of light emission, eliminating its impact on the surrounding inspection stations, thus reducing the possibility of false detections.

View from the side
View from above

Lyophilisates inspection

Our optical technology and image processing algorism helps us see past textures and cracks on the surfaces of Lyophilisates cakes to achieve the high precision detection of particles.

Top surface

We have adopted a specially designed mechanism within the conveyance unit to prevent small dust and dirt particles to reduce the risk of false detections.

*Only available for HR3000

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You can request the following materials
  • HR series
  • HR3000 (Chinese only)
  • HR1000
  • HR800