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Hitachi Industry Control Solutions,


Flexible and expandable model HR3000

An accumulation of technology suited to a wide array of inspection items

By using a large inspection rotor, we can install multiple inspection stations and flexibly construct an optical system based on the individual examination items. This is the optimal solution for multi-purpose (ampoule, vial) inspections.

Inspection Items

Eye drops
Plastic bottles

Large inspection rotor

Our large inspection rotor enables the inspection of a spectrum of inspection items.
Our advanced structural design and machinery parts enable high precision and longer oscillation.
In addition it is designed to have minimal obstacles to allow accessibility for maintenance and the flexible installation of inspection stations.

Feed and discharge mechanism

We will provide a feeding mechanism to fit a variety of containers.
The discharge mechanism utilizes Hitachi's control technology to create a failsafe design realizing precise sorting.
We choose materials and structures according to the form and material of the products to decrease the risk of damaging containers.

Super-high-speed pre-spin rotor to eliminate bubbles

Bubbles can be effectively eliminated using a super-high-speed pre-spin before inspection, effectively reducing the false detection rate.
The elimination of schlieren can also be achieved through acceleration and deceleration whilst reducing the formation of bubbles.


Type HR3000
Container range Outer diameter
Capacity* Max 600 bottles/minute
Utility AC200V / 3 phase / 7kVA
Air 0.5~0.7MPa, 400NL/min**
Weight Standard: approx. 5,500kg, Including pre-spin: approx. 6,000kg

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You can request the following materials
  • HR series
  • HR3000 (Chinese only)
  • HR1000
  • HR800