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Compact and universally designed model HR800

Cost-effective entry-level model with a sophisticated design

Although compact, the HR800 achieves high inspection rates since it includes the same inspection unit and inspection algorithm as it's high-end counterpart.
It is universally designed, taking usability and the operators ability to work into consideration.

Inspection Items

Circular eye-drops

Conveyance designed in consideration of maintainability

The HR800 is a lightweight model developed by greatly reducing the number of change parts needed.
It adopts a conveyance design that is both sophisticated and conscious of useability. It provides easy access to the inspection rotor, supply and discharge unit to allow improvement in maintainability.

Inspection rotor

Equipped with an optical system that is equal to the HR3000 and incorporating the latest inspection technology.

Feed and discharge mechanism

Belted star wheel

The belted star wheel has been resigned to combine the feeding and discharge mechanism.
We have greatly reduced the number of components to improve usability.

Auto-return feature for
uninspected items

The HR800 adopts an auto-return feature to reduce the burden on users who otherwise would have to reload the machine whenever inspection comes to a halt.


Type HR800
Container range Outer diameter
Capacity* Max 300 bottles/minute
Utility AC200V / 3 phase / 3kVA
Air 0.5~0.7MPa, 400NL/min**
Weight approx. 2,000kg

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