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Products and Solutions

We provide total solutions for building information and control systems in a wide range of fields, from public infrastructure and industrial systems to security.


We help enhance your information security for protecting trade secrets and private information as well as physical security for preventing theft and break-in.

Embedded Systems

Based on our broad experience, we support the development of embedded systems that are used in electric and electronic equipment in every field ranging from communications systems to electric appliances.

Imaging Applications

We use various image processing and recognition technologies to enable digitization in areas where measurements were not previously possible or inspections had to be made by humans.


We develop various systems that provide solutions for our customers in vertical industries and dramatically increase their advantage. We have the capacity to meet requirements in diverse fields including information search, video delivery, analytics and more.

CTI Solutions

We offer a wide range of high-performance CTI products based on IP telephony servers.

Government, Public, Healthcare, and Welfare

We provide solutions that improve efficiency in healthcare, welfare and other public fields, in accordance with infrastructure and local communities.


We can effectively improve your manufacturing process by aggregating information on processes related to product manufacturing for centralized process control and inventory management. Environment-friendliness is of course taken into consideration.

Logistics and Services

We offer systems for central management to meet various needs for delivery time, costs, safety, efficiency, etc. in the areas of manufacturing and logistics.