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High Speed Model HR1000 capable of inspecting 600bpm

High Speed Model with Accurate Inspection and Stable Transport

The HR1000 is a high-speed model capable of inspecting 600 bottles per minute. Its ability to inspect 4 bottles simultaneously allows for speedy production and makes it the optimum choice for small to medium sized products.

Inspection Items

Drink bottles
Circular eye-drops

Supply and sorting mechanism

Compared to the former way that bottles were supplied, the HR1000 realizes the smooth supply of bottles even at high speeds without worrying about the bottles breaking.
The bottles are inspected in order, first in and first out.

Inspection rotor

Thanks to its compact design, it is an optimum choice for varieties which require few inspection items such as ampoules and vials, or locations where space is restricted.


Stable Conveyance

By using carefully selected materials for the conveyance parts we have minimized the possibility of damaging containers even during high-speed inspection.
The HR1000 is designed to decrease machine vibration to acheive stable inspection.

Lightweight change parts

Using special materials to successfully create lightweight change parts, the budens on operators are reduced.


Type HR1000
Container range Outer diameter
Capacity* Max 600 bottles/minute
Utility 200V(+transformer) -3ph 5kVA
Air 0.5~0.7MPa, 400NL/min**
Weight About 2,700kg

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