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User support tools

Support tools to enhance productivity

The HR Series is equipped with the latest specialized technology to support our customers' productivity improvements.

Inspection Performance Adjustment

The HR series is able to record whole images at a processing speed of 10 to 50 times what your average inspection system is capable of even in the midst of production.
The image recorded will enable a product simulation which will help you adjust parameters as needed when making adjustments to inspection performance.
Since this tool eliminates the need to repeat production just to adjust parameters, it will help save time in OQ, PQ and production adjustments and improves the efficiency of the validation processes.
We also provide parameter adjusting services using your recorded data.

Inspection Data Analyzing Tool

The IDA tool displays a variety of data such as average values, images of inspection results and the maximum and minimum values of defective and non-defective items. Swiftly analyze causes of defects through inspection data and monitor processes using a graphical display showing the data obtained.

ODA(Optical system Digital Adjustment) tool

Camera position, focus and light quantity adjustment is digitalized to allow easy and reliable configuration.
Users will not have to rely on intuition and can utilize the tools for validation.

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You can request the following materials
  • HR series
  • HR3000 (Chinese only)
  • HR1000
  • HR800