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This website is operated by Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hitachi Industry & Control") or its agent.
By using the website, it will be considered that you have agreed to the conditions of use. The conditions of use may be changed. Check the latest details.
There are parts of this website operated by each of the departments at Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions. There are also links to websites operated by Hitachi, Ltd. and the Hitachi Group.
Note that when using these parts or websites you will need to agree to the terms of use posted therein.


The contents (texts, charts, images, photographs) of this website may be hard copied for viewing purposes in your organization for non-profit purposes, as long as the copyright notice of Hitachi Industry & Control is attached and there is no indication that copying is prohibited.
Excluding the aforementioned, this website does not grant any rights based on copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights.
However, if the terms of use are individually indicated for each content, or if there is a link to the content that indicates it, those terms will take precedence.

Wording and its content

Hitachi Industry & Control does not guarantee the documents on this website and their contents.
Hitachi Industry & Control is not responsible for any errors in the content of the documents on this website.
In addition, please note that the matters described in the documents on this website are subject to change without notice.

Countries in scope for products/services

The information posted on this website is information on products/services provided for the domestic market in Japan, and can only be purchased/obtained by those who live in Japan.
In addition, if the country of provision is individually indicated for each content, or if it is linked to the content indicating that, that information will take precedence.
For inquiries regarding the use of trademarks owned by Hitachi Industry & Control, use the [General Contact Inquiry Form] described in "Others" on the contact page.

Export management

When exporting (or providing to non-residents) the technologies and programs provided by this website or purchased products, you must comply with the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law" and other applicable laws and regulations.

Publication dates and content

Information published on this website is information that was available at the time of publication. Note that the information may change after publication.

About other companies’ trademarks

A list of trademarks of other companies is posted in “Description of product names, etc.”
Other company names and product names mentioned are trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
In addition, if a trademark is individually indicated in each content, or if it is linked to the content indicating it, that information has priority.

Using the links

You cannot link to this website without the permission of Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions.
If the link is from a website that does not meet the purpose of Hitachi Industry & Control, the link itself may be refused.
In addition, Hitachi Industry & Control may cancel the permission due to Hitachi Industry & Control's circumstances even after granting the link to this website.
We ask for your cooperation at such times.

About linked sites

The contents of third-party websites other than Hitachi Industry & Control (hereinafter referred to as "link sites") that link to this website or from this website are managed at the responsibility of each person and not under the control of Hitachi Industry & Control.
Please use linked sites in accordance with the conditions of use presented at each of the linked sites.
Hitachi Industry & Control is not responsible for the contents of the linked sites and any damages caused by using them.
The presence of a link to a linked site does not mean that Hitachi Industry & Control recommends the use of the linked site or the products, services, companies, etc. posted on the linked site.

Prohibited items

The following acts are prohibited when using this website.

  • Acts that infringe or may infringe the property or privacy of a third party or Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions.
  • Actions that cause or may cause disadvantages or damage to a third party or Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions.
  • Acts that are or may be offensive to public order and morals.
  • Criminal acts, acts that lead to or may lead to criminal acts.
  • Registering or using another person's e-mail address.
  • Behavior that damage the honor or credibility of a third party or Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions.
  • Acts that use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts that may cause such acts.
  • Acts that violate or may violate laws and ordinances.
  • Other acts that Hitachi Industry & Control has deemed inappropriate.

Customer idea proposals

Customers are asked not to propose ideas for products, technologies, services, designs, promotions, marketing, etc. to Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions.
Hitachi Industry & Control is not obligated to consider, evaluate, adopt, or maintain the confidentiality of the contents even if these are provided.

Recommended environment

We recommend that an environment satisfying the conditions below be used in order to use this website comfortably.
Note that if you use the website in any other environment, you may not be able to use the functions required to use this website, and the screen may not be displayed properly or may not work.

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      This website provides some content that uses cookies and Javascript.
      Please note that these pages may not operate normally if the security level of the browser is set high (If you set the security level low, do so at your own responsibility. Hitachi Industry & Control is not responsible for any damages caused by the changed settings).
    • About the style sheet (CSS)
      This website uses the style sheet (CSS) for all pages.
      Please note that the display may be significantly disturbed if the browser does not support some CSS or if CSS is turned off.
    • About the pop-ups
      If pop-up blocking is enabled in your browser, it may not be displayed correctly. Disable the pop-up blocker in your browser settings when viewing.

About customer access logs

The website of Hitachi Industry & Control records information on the person who accessed it in the form of an access log.
The access log is a history of access such as the IP address of the person who accessed the site, the type of browser used, the date and time of access, and the like and it is only used within the scope of our personal information handling policy. In addition, on the Hitachi Industry & Control website, Google Analytics of Google Inc. may be used to collect, record, and analyze browsing history.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information without containing any personally identifiable information.
You can disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing "Google Analytics opt-out add-on" on the Google opt-out add-on download page and changing the add-on settings of your browser. Furthermore, information collected will be managed based on the Privacy Policy of Google Inc.

Contact regarding the conditions of use of the site

For inquiries regarding the terms of use of this website, please use the input form from the inquiry regarding the terms of use of the site.