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Hitachi Industry Control Solutions,

Why Hitachi?

High Resolution Inspection System (HR)
that is the choice of many customers

Utilizing our experience and technology developed within the strict quality standards of the Japanese market, we strive to provide top quality inspection machines to our customers.

Development environment

It is developed using applicating image processing technology acquired in the Public and Security Solutions Sectors by specialists with several years of experience in the inspection field.

Why the HR Series is the choice for many of our customers

Experience with a variety of containers and products

Along with standard vials, ampoules, and syringes, our inspection machines have achieve automated, stable inspection with even the most difficult containers and formulations.

Flat containers
Double chambered syringes
(glass, plastic)
Fixed needle syringes
(glass, plastic)
Brown colored containers
Colored solutions, suspensions
(glass, plastic)

Diverse specialized optical system

Using a specialized optical system that conforms to the target containers and inspection items, we will provide the optimal solution that best fits the customer's needs.

Unique technology to achieve stable conveyance

We will provide the most suitable feeding/discharge mechanism and container handling based on our customer's products and manufacturing line to acheive long term, stable production.


Long-term maintenance

Designing and using components with long life expectancy will enable extended replacement intervals. The major parts that we use, such as image processing units, sensors, and spin drives will be components designed in-house. In addition, as the software that is used is also developed in-house, we are able to provide our customers with long-term support and services.

After-sales services

Our professional after-sales service team will provide prompt and finely-tuned responses through close coordination with our engineers.
In addition, we provide remote maintenance and 24 hour customer support (optional) to swiftly and immediately support customers if by any chance a machine were to malfunction.

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You can request the following materials
  • HR series
  • HR3000 (Chinese only)
  • HR1000
  • HR800