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Message from the President

President : Toru Kimura

toru kimura

 This year marks the fifth anniversary of the founding of Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd., a company started up in 2014 to support the Hitachi Group's solutions businesses in the industrial and distribution fields. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to our customers for their patronage and backing, and to the many others, including all of our partner companies, who have given us their support.

 In recent years, advances in digital technologies plus the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT)—a paradigm by which all types of things are connected to the internet—have brought about rapid changes to society and our lifestyles. It is my belief that in the future, as the growth of digital technology continues to accelerate, previously nonexistent ways of doing things and previously unnoticed solutions will be factors in forming a “connected society” in which new value is created.

 In addition to such information technologies (IT) as AI and big data analysis, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions possesses control and operational technology (OT) and products, as well as embedding technology. These are combined to create IoT solutions that use operational data from devices in a cycle of “collection,” “accumulation,” “analysis,” and “improvement,”—solutions that are being used by customers in manufacturing and other industrial fields as well as in social infrastructure fields.

 While collaborating with partner companies as a member of the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions will continue to contribute to the attainment of a safe, confident, and rich “connected society” through the creation of new value for customers.

toru kimura