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  1. Permits entry of authorized users only, preventing unauthorized access.
  2. Keeps a record of entry (who and when) into rooms where confidential data is stored.
  3. Provides strict security, yet is user friendly.

A highly secure finger vein authentication system is used for controlling entry into rooms. Strict entry control is assured through the entry permission setting for individuals and the collection of entry information.

Product Description

Highly secure entry control using finger vein authentication system

Overview of entry control system

Prevention of unauthorized access and information leaks
With the recent increase in unauthorized access incidents and confidential or privacy information leakage, entry control systems are drawing greater attention because they provide the fundamental security measure of "locking the door."
High security is achieved by permitting the entry of registered/authorized users only and recording all entries (who and when).
Security zoning
Restricting access everywhere without priority is not a good idea in terms of cost and convenience.
Zoning plans are necessary to suit actual usage and the purpose of control, such as preventing unauthorized entry into the office, permitting entry into the server room to the administrator only, and not restricting entry into the reception room for visitors.
We have a long track record of installing systems that meet the specific needs of our customers. We welcome requests for consultation.
Advantages of finger vein authentication
Since veins are used instead of body skin, authentication accuracy is not easily affected by somewhat rough or dirty skin.

Highly secure entry control using finger vein authentication system

Features of SecuaVeinAttestor

Convenience and low operation cost
No fear of lost keys or identity theft since biological information is used.
ID cards or keys are not used for authentication, eliminating the cost and time for purchasing and issuing these devices.
Eliminating inconvenience
Authentication is simple: just place your finger on the scanner. Unlocking is also very quick, eliminating irritating waiting time in front of the door.
Lock plus information collection
In addition to door control, you can collect and manage information such as "who went through the door and when" and "how long the door was open". It is also possible to schedule the time when the door can be opened, thus providing detailed security control such as "entry is not allowed to any person including employees from 10 PM to 5 AM the next morning".
Higher security
A higher level of security can be achieved by using SecuaVeinAttestor in conjunction with IC card authentication.
SecuaVeinAttestor supports the FeliCa and MIFARE systems as well as the Type-B system used in many government organizations.
The small finger scanner provides great flexibility of installation position. The device can be installed where it can be reached by various types of users including children, adults, and persons in wheelchairs.

Features of SecuaVeinAttestor

Product types

Two types of systems are available to meet your applications and needs.

  1. Stand-alone type (for small businesses)
    • User registration can be made through the authentication terminal only.
    • Entry/exit records can be checked from Web browsers.
  2. Network type (for offices, company-owned buildings, factories)
    • Controls up to 256 doors.
    • Centralized control of user information.

Applications also include:

Even higher security for important facilities (server room, information storage room, etc.)
  • Security can be enhanced by using ID and IC cards in conjunction with finger vein authentication.
Entrance gate (electrically locked door)
  • Installation on flapper gates and slide gates
  • Connecting to rotating gates for night use
  • Connecting to automatic doors
    * Supports electric locks from major manufacturers.
    (Motor lock, magnet lock, electromagnetic-release type electric lock, electric strike lock, etc.)

Specifications and operating environment

Functions and specifications

Functions and specifications
Main functions
Verification against registered finger vein data or IC card information to make OK/NG judgment.
Electric lock control
Controls locking and unlocking of electric locks. Also monitors the state of doors and locks.
Passage history reporting
Reports to the ID management server by sending information such as who was authorized the entry from which door and when, open/closed state of doors, locked/unlocked state, etc.
Independent authentication
Authentication terminals can perform authentication on their own in the event of network or server failure.
  • Integration with monitor camera
  • Integration with key control system
  • Connection to PC and printer


  • ID management server software
  • ID management client software


Finger vein verification accuracy False acceptance ratio: 0.0001%
False rejection ratio: 0.01%
Authentication time 0.8 second
(time from finger vein authentication to unlocking)
  • Finger vein authentication terminal
  • IC card authentication terminal
  • I/O box
  • Registration device

Effect of introduction

Case: Entry restriction of server room

User: Company
Purpose: Prevention of unauthorized access and information leakage
Setup: Network type

Company A was planning to control access to its server room to prevent information leakage, and introduced SecuaVeinAttestor to achieve this. This enabled the company to control access as well as to record and manage information on "who entered the room and when". As an additional security measure, the company installed monitor cameras to record video data, which helped prevent unauthorized entry by tailgating.

The security official for Company A was very pleased with the results, saying "Since certificates such as ID cards are not necessary, there is no ongoing cost of issuing cards and dealing with lost cards", "Improper usage such as lending and borrowing keys was eliminated because you cannot lend your biological information", "Employee awareness has dramatically improved by the introduction of a secure environment".

Case: Entry restriction of server room