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H4E series
Compact Finger Vein Authentication Module


H4E series of compact finger vein authentication modules utilize vein patterns in fingers and achieve biometric authentication with lower risk of forgery and less influence on privacy.
A compact module with a system to irradiate light beams from right and left onto the finger and capture a finger vein image. Support for outdoor use is enhanced, and authentication accuracy and usability are drastically enhanced, thus offering "empty-handed" authentication.

Authentication demonstration video(MP4 format, 699 KB)
(Play the video to hear the "beep" sound indicating authentication.)

New functions and improvements

1. New functions

Automatic learning function for biological drift

This function handles differences in finger vein patterns at authentication from the those at the time of registration due to finger placement and temperature changes, reducing authentication errors.

Continuous authentication function

When an authentication error occurs due to a misaligned scanning position, the continuous authentication function performs minor adjustments to finger placement in real-time, reducing authentication errors.

Automatic sensor dirt detection

This function detects dirt on the sensor and urges the user to clean it so that the module may be used outdoors with high reliability.

Three-colored LED indicator and beep sound

A three-colored LED indicator and beep sound have been added as a status notification function to indicate whether the finger has been correctly placed.

2. Improvements

Improved authentication accuracy

Through an enlarged scanning area and improved authentication algorithms, authentication accuracy has been improved by roughly 10 times* compared with previous models, offering enhanced security.
*For detailed specifications, refer to Specification Table No. 14 below.

Enhanced support
for outdoor use

With improved IP rating dust- and water-proofing, an expanded temperature range, and an outside light mode that facilitates authentication in environments with external light such as outdoors, the new specifications are suited to outdoor use.
*For detailed specifications, refer to Specification Tables Nos. 19 to 24 below.

Applicable to
dry batteries

Batteries can be used by reducing required power (in authentication/stand-by mode*) and widening operating supply voltage range*.
*For detailed specifications, refer to Specification Tables Nos. 5 to 7 below.

Support for
the "New Normal"

To conform to the new normal, the module features an antibacterial coating* that allows regular sterilization with alcohol.
*Antibacterial coating: Compliant with JIS Z2801 5.2/ISO 22196.

The modules, when incorporated in existing products in various fields, enhance security and convenience.
Application examples are provided below.

Door lock (residence)

The module can be used in place of a lock of the front door of a house or apartment and ensuring safety and convenience.

Door lock (store)

When attached to shop or office entranceways where a number of people have keys, the modules replace the locks to prevent lost or forgotten keys. This requires no key duty and avoids unauthorized duplication, thus eliminating burden on management and enhancing security.

Time and Attendance Device

IC cards may frequently be forgotten, go missing, or be faked.
Reliable personal authentication can prevent impersonation and reduce running costs, since IC cards are no longer necessary.


When a number of people frequently use a safe for storage, use records can be precisely managed. Even when it is not used for a long time, there is no concern about a lost key or forgotten PIN.

Factory automation equipment

The modules may be used as a control switch of a device in a factory and set to allow access only by permitted operators. When incorporated into the work record management system of the equipment or warehouses, they can also be used for confidentiality control.

IoT related

The modules can be used to ensure security of equipment connected via Internet or related devices, thus preventing loss of access due to forgetfulness, going missing, and impersonation and ensuring safety, security, and convenience.

Connection to the host equipment
and authentication processing

  • Since this self-authentication module performs all processes from registration and authentication to notification of results within it, it requires no high-performance control units such as PC or dedicated authentication board and may be used in devices without OS.
  • Since the modules are controlled with serial commands, they can be incorporated into equipment and devices easily.


No Item Specification Remarks
1 Model name PCT-KCD0010
2 Product structure Sensor-integrated authentication device
3 Size 39(W)×40(D)×34(H) mm Without detachable finger guide.Except for the protruding parts.
4 Weight Approx. 32g
5 Power supply voltage DC 5.0V-1.0V to 5.0V+1.4V
(DC 4.0V to 6.4V)
Operates under a wide voltage range(Applicable to dry batteries)
6 Current consumption Stand-by 0.7μA typ. When VCC=5V is supplied and the power ON/OFF signal is OFF (Low)
7 Enrollment/verification 130mA typ. 600mA max. Varies depending on individual finger and environment
8 Connection interface Asynchronous serial communication 3.3V, CMOS, 12-pin connector
9 User interface Indicator LED (Green, red and yellow)
10 Data storage location of finger vein data In the device
11 Maximum number of enrollments 1,000 fingers Save in flash ROM
12 Authentication method 1:1 and 1:N
13 Accuracy*1 False Rejection Rate (FRR) 0.01% (1/10,000)
14 False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 0.0001% (1/1,000,000)
15 Capture mode Normal mode
Outside light mode*2
Default: Normal mode
16 Security level Authentication: 5 levels
17 Quality assessment in registration Registration: 5 levels
18 Degree of conformance at successful authentication Successful authentication: 3 levels
19 IP rating
Dust resistance/Waterproof
Conforms to IEC IP54 (exposed part) The host equipment needs waterproof in the built-in part.
20 Environmental
-20℃ to 50℃ During operation
21 -20℃ to 60℃ During storage
22 Ambient
20% to 80%Rh no condensation During operation
23 10% to 90%Rh no condensation During storage
24 Operating environment conditions No direct sunlight at scanning area
25 Biological change automatic learning Available
26 Continuous authentication Available
27 Dirty sensor detection Available
28 Firmware update command Available

*1 Measured value for 1:1 authentication. Accuracy calculated using a measurement method based on the international standard ISO/IEC 19795-1 for biometrics accuracy evaluation.
*2 A decrease in authentication rate could be caused by individual and environmental differences, etc.
Note: The detailed specifications will be disclosed after the nondisclosure agreement is signed.




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