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"H1E-USB series" USB authentication device


This desktop device may easily be connected to system equipment via USB interface. Since it performs all processes from capturing images and authentication to transmission of verification results within it, the burden on the system equipment is reduced, and the device may in compliances with various OSs, including Windows®. Highly secure systems can be established thanks to finger vein authentication.

  • The device can be fixed in place using the mounting holes in the bottom.
  • The finger guide is coated with an antibacterial material to ensure hygiene.
  • The authentication device implements image capture, conversion of data to template, registration, and authentication internally.
  • The finger vein authentication function is available with less burden on the host system equipment.
  • It is compatible with OSs such as Linux® and can be used in devices with no OS installed.*1

* The term "embedding in systems" means connection to the system equipment and attachment for use.
*1 Installation of a device driver on the host system equipment is required.

*1 The term "embedding in systems" means connection to the system equipment and attachment for use.
*2 Compatible with various OSs, including Windows®
(Windows® is the trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.)

No Item PCT-KCUA011
1 Size W59×D82×H74 mm (excluding the cable)
2 Purpose of use For network systems (including standalone systems)
3 Weight Approx. 103 g
4 Power supply voltage and current consumption DC 5.0V, 500 mA at maximum (USB bus powered)
5 Connection interface USB2.0/1.1 *1
6 User interface Indicator LED (3 colors: green, red, and orange [green + red])
Buzzer, controllable with serial commands
7 Memory SDRAM (Volatile memory) [2,000 fingers]
8 Data management location of finger vein data In the host system equipment such as controller or server
9 Maximum number of registrations - 2,000 fingers at maximum in the authentication device*2
- No restriction on the number of registrations in host system equipment such as controller or server
10 Data compatibility with PC-KCA100 Compatible (respond to individually)
11 Authentication method 1:1 to 1:100 *3
12 False Rejection Rate (FRR)*4 0.01%
13 False Acceptance Rate (FAR)*4 0.0001%
14 Failure To Enroll Rate (FTER) Less than 0.03%
15 Antibacterial coating The finger guide is coated with antibacterial material(fingertip/finger root)*5

*1 When using a USB hub, use the self-powered hub.
*2 Up to 100 fingers may be registered for a single group, and up to 2,000 fingers for several groups.
*3 Authentication can be applied to several groups.
*4 Measurement results at 1:1 authentication. Accuracy calculated in accordance with the methods of the International Organization of Standardization standard on precision evaluation of biometrics, ISO/IEC 19795-1.
*5 Antiseptic effects were confirmed in accordance with the test method of JIS Z 2801:2000(ISO 22196) (Antibacterial products – Test for antibacterial activity and efficacy).

Note 1: The detailed specifications will be disclosed after the nondisclosure agreement is signed.
Note 2: This product conforms to U.S.A. FCC Part 15 Class B, Canada IC ICES-003, Korea KCC, EU CE marking and Japan VCCI Class B.

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