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"H1EAX series" High-capacity and highly accurate module


Since this module performs all processes from capturing images and authentication to transmission of verification results internally, it can be easily incorporated into equipment and devices.

The photo is a sample image.

*1 Capacity of our conventional model.
*2 Sequential authentication is an authentication method to drastically enhance authentication accuracy by registering two fingers per person, and proceeding to a second authentication if the finger vein pattern of the first is similar to that of another.
*3 Accuracy calculated in accordance with the methods of the International Organization of Standardization standard on precision evaluation of biometrics, ISO/IEC 19795-1.
(when the False Rejection Rate [FRR] is set to 0.01% [1/10,000] in the 1:1 sequential authentication)

Security can be enhanced by embedding the module into existing products in various fields.

* Form on delivery: Without the outer case

機器組込み用指静脈認証ユニットの形状 幅55mm 奥行き76.5mm 高さ71.5mm

"External view with the
outer case mounted"

  • If you need a design case, please consult with us.
  • If you wish to design your own outer case, we will provide sample 3D-CAD data.

Model name PCT-KCAX010
  Item Specification Remarks
Basic specification Size W55×D76.5×H71.5 mm Without outer case
Weight Approx. 81 g Without outer case
Power supply voltage 5.0V±5%  
Current consumption 500mA max.  
Connection interface Asynchronous communication Signal of 3.3-V CMOS level
Functions User interface Indicator LED
Three colors: green, red, and orange (green + red)
With built-in buzzer
Maximum number of registrations 12,000 fingers (6,000 people)  
Data storage location In the host equipment/unit Data is stored in SDRAM during operation, and flash ROM is used as a backup.
Data on SDRAM are erased when the power is turned off. The backup data in flash ROM are saved.
Authentication Authentication method 1:1 to 1:12,000 max.
(sequential authentication method)
False Rejection Rate (FRR)*1 Less than 0.01% (1/10,000) With the highest security level
Authentication accuracies of the FRR and FAR depend on the set security level.
False Acceptance Rate (FAR),1:1 authentication*1 Less than 0.0000067% (1/15,000,000)
Failure To Enroll Rate (FTER)*1 Less than 0.03%  
Authentication time

1:1: Approx. 1.0 sec
1:2,000: Approx. 1.5 sec

The authentication time depends on the number of registrations.
Operating environment conditions/Evaluation value Ambient temperature -20℃ to 50℃  
Ambient humidity 20 to 80%
(No condensation)
Quality evaluation value on registration Registration: 5 levels  
Degree of conformance at successful authentication Successful authentication: 3 levels  
Security level Authentication: 5 levels  

*1 Accuracy calculated in accordance with the method of ISO/IEC 19795-1

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authentication modules
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