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Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd.

Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions Co., Ltd.
Procurement Manager

Personal information protection policy

Please see here regarding the personal information protection policy of Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions).

Purpose of use of personal information relating to business partners

  • It is used for business communication, inquiries, contract conclusion and other confirmation of business authority.
  • When entering the premises of each business office of Hitachi Industry & Control (including customers of Hitachi Industry & Control), it is used to identify the person in order to maintain the order of the premises and manage the property or trade secrets of Hitachi Industry & Control.
  • In addition, it is used to fulfill obligations stipulated in laws and regulations such as "Act on Ensuring Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Business and Improvement of Working Conditions for Dispatched Workers," "Industrial Safety and Health Act," and "Construction Business Act."
  • * If you do not agree to use it for the above purposes, you will not be able to make a transaction. The transaction may be canceled or discarded

Provision to third parties, shared use

In principle, we do not do this unless required by law.
Whenever it becomes necessary to provide or share the information with a third party, we will contact the person and ask for their cooperation.

Matters concerning disclosure, suspension of use, requests for corrections, complaints, etc.

  • Regarding personal information held by Hitachi Industry & Control's procurement department, business partner officers and employees may request disclosure, suspension of use, and the like, or request erasure or make a complaint. However, we may not disclose, suspend or delete, should the law stipulate us to not.
  • Regarding personal information held by the procurement department of Hitachi Industry & Control, business partner officers and employees can request corrections to the content. In this case, Hitachi Industry & Control will check the accuracy of the personal information, and will correct the personal information should it determine that the personal information held by Hitachi Industry & Control is incorrect.
  • When making the above two requests or complaints, fill in the required items and submit the following form to the procurement department manager (procurement department manager or section manager). However, if the request is made from a position other than the procurement partner, the officer of the procurement partner, or the employee, the request will be made together with the positions of the procurement partner, the officer of the procurement partner, the employee, and other positions, make a request to Hitachi Industry & Control [Inquiry window regarding personal information] according to the procedure separately established by Hitachi Industry & Control.
  • The content of the telephone conversation between the customer and Hitachi Industry & Control may be recorded in order to provide appropriate answers and ensure accuracy.

Contact regarding this case

Please contact Hitachi Industry and Control's Procurement department.