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In the event that you request disclosure, we will request that you submit the documents for yourself that will allow us to confirm your identity to prevent leaking any personal information. If your agent makes a request, confirmation documents are required from both you and your agent. If the person is under the age of 15, the legal representative of the person will be charged. Please see details below regarding the various documents for confirmation of identification.

For yourself

You will need one of the following currently valid documents (Note: Copies do not include images taken by a digital camera or scanner, or those which have been printed).

  • Copy of a driver's license
    Note) If you have changed your address, please complete procedures for an address change and attach a copy of the back side too.
  • A copy of the Basic Resident Register Card
    Note) A photo of your face with your name, date of birth, and address (current address) [Type B].
    If you have changed your residence to your current address in the same city, you will also need a copy of the back side.
  • Copy of your passport
    Note) A copy of both the face photo page and the owner's input page (entry such as your name and address) is required.
  • Copy of various pension books
  • Copy of various welfare books
  • Copy of your health insurance card
    Note) Please ensure that your address is entered into the address field.
  • Copy of your Alien Registration Card or Certificate of Alien Registration Card (For Foreigners)

For agents

The following documents issued within the last three months

  • In the case of a parent (Article 818 of the Civil Code)
    Documents certifying the relationship with the person, such as a copy of the family register and an extract of the family register
  • In the case of adult guardian (Civil Code Article 8, Article 843)
    Registration certificate
  • In the case of a guardian of a minor (Civil Code Article 839, Article 840)
    Registration certificate
  • In the case of a voluntary agent (Note: Only if the person is age 15 or older)
    Power of attorney signed and stamped by the person (original)

When the adult guardian is a corporation

Either a copy of the register, an extract of the register, a certificate of all current matters or a partial certificate of current matters (Note: Limited to those issued within 3 months)