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We are engaged in various activities for sound development of the company and society.




Viewing compliance as one of the social responsibilities of any company, we are working to enhance compliance awareness among employees and establish the underlying system.


Social Contribution Activities

We are engaged in civic activities through ongoing dialogue with the people in local communities.

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Environmental Efforts

We are expanding our environmental efforts based on the “Green Compass,” the environmental vision of the Hitachi Group.

Green Curtain Movement

Green Curtain Movement

Since June 2010, we have been promoting a green curtain movement in elementary and junior high schools in Hitachi City as part of our environmental education support program under the guidance of the Hitachi City Board of Education.

Initiative to Reduce Power Consumption by 15%

As a company responsible for supporting social infrastructures, we are actively engaged in this initiative that is being promoted by the entire Hitachi Group to reduce power consumption during peak demand periods so that planned blackouts can be avoided.