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Hitachi Industry Control Solutions,

Traffic Simulation System

This system can reproduce real traffic situation on a computer and evaluate quantitatively and visually.
It can evaluate effectiveness of countermeasure such as road planning for reducing traffic congestion, impact due to development of large scaled facility. In addition, it can simulate vehicle's detailed behavior by adopting micro simulation model.
We propose effective traffic evaluation for customers.

Our service : Package sales

  • Left-side traffic version and right-side traffic version

Our service : Simulation evaluation

  • Making simulation data
  • Simulation execution (Reproduction of current traffic situation and simulation of improvement plan)
  • result aggregate
  • Generating animation data
This system was researched and developed by Hitachi Ltd. (Hitachi Research Laboratory).

Reproduction of current traffic situation

Reproduce real traffic situation (traffic volume, traffic congestion, etc.).

Reproduction of current traffic situation

Simulation of improvement plan

Simulate improvement plan (change signal cycle, add lanes, etc.).

>Simulation of improvement plan

3D animation

3D animation makes your presentation more effective.

3D animation1

3D animation2