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Features of the new version (Ver. 2019)

Casting Simulation System ADSTEFAN

About the new function of Ver. 2019

1.[Solidification] New feature "Inner-Mold Gas Flow Analysis"

New feature "Inner-Mold Gas Flow Analysis" has been introduced, which calculates gas flow in the sand mold by considering a gas generation at the heated sand mold and thermal expansion of the gas. The series of results will help to evaluate gas penetration in the casting.

scale Mold-Gas
Analysis example

2.[Fluid Flow] Feature enhancement of "Moving Object"

"Rotation movement" feature is introduced additionally to the "Moving Object" function, which was applicable only for a parallel movement in the Ver.2018. Complexed behavior of the moving object can be realized using a combination of the rotation and parallel movement, expected to apply a ladle tilt or mechanical stirring.



Analysis example

3.[Fluid Flow] New model for "Marker Tracer"

New physical models are introduced in the "Oxide" and "Cold Flake" markers. The "Oxide" model reproduces a sticking behavior at the melt surface, and the "Cold Flake" model reproduces detaching behavior from the sleeve by scraping.


Cold Flake

Analysis example